[PRE-ORDER] Double Blessing Toothbrush – SHINE FOR HOPE - 1 Box (6pcs)

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Dual Blessing


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Our toothbrush out of stock at the moment, we are welcome to pre order and we are send out the toothbrush on 15 Mac 2020.

Double Blessing Toothbrush – SHINE FOR HOPE

One box RM30 (6 pcs)

Weight: 200 grams /box

Colour: Orange, Apple Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Pink

"A charity dollar has only one life, a Social Business dollar can be invested over and over again." Yunus

In collaboration with PRO- DENTALB Stay Shiny, Stay Fresh

0.02mm Ultra-thin Tapered Bristles for Total Cleaning Action

1. 0.02mm Ultra-thin Tapered Bristles are gentle on gums.

2. Specially designed 0.02mm Ultra-thin Tapered Bristles clean gently between teeth and below the gumline.

3. Rubber thumb-grip handle for better holding while brushing.

4. 0.02mm Ultra-thin Tapered Bristles gently massage and protect gums thoroughly.

* Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months.

Bulu berus 0.02mm halus dan tirus tidak akan mencederakan gusi anda.

Bulu berus 0.02mm halus dan tirus direka khas untuk membersihkan gigi dan gusi dengan lebih berkesan.

Pemegang berus gigi getah untuk kawalan semasa memberus.

Bulu berus 0.02mm halus dan tirus akan melindungi gusi anda.

* Doktor gigi menasihatkan supaya menukar berus gigi anda setiap 3 bulan.

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